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Tired of fighting with your children in order to get anything done?

Get a 100 % FREE 15 min Parenting Coaching Session. Click below to learn about:

  • How to get results with your kids without a single fight!

  • Do you need to give harsh consequences in order to get obedience? Not at all!

  • Discover 4 skills that will get your kids working with you instead of fighting you.

  • Plus, learn 4 extra steps in having an effective difficult conversation with your child.

  • Say goodbye to lengthy and vague parenting training that does not get results.

  • Explore what you should never say to your child when engaging with them to stop a fight.

  • Find out why so many parents wish they had learned these skills sooner.

  • After scheduling your appointment, let your consultant know you scheduled with them through Motivational Parent to get your free session. 

  • And SO MUCH MORE! See what other parents are saying further down on this page.

Our Parenting Consultation program comes from the framework of Motivational Parenting discussed in our book The Listening Space: A Guide to Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships with Motivational Parenting. These concepts are evidence-based and discuss very specific behaviors you can adopt immediately to make significant differences in the home. 

The Listening Space: A Guide to Strengthenig Parent-Child Relationships with Motivational Parenting
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