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My name is Dr. Thaen Saelee, PsyD

Dually licensed in the state of Oregon and California. 

I operate from a trauma-informed lens. I use evidence-based, holistic, and Indigenous healing practices in working through trauma. We all deserve safety in our connection to others, the world, and ourselves. As a third-culture psychologist, my empathy well runs deep. I am here to support anyone working on acceptance, belonging, compassion, and safety. My method targets stuck places in your past that still interfere with your life today. I have been a counselor for over 15 years. I find meaning in the stability I’ve co-created with folx. I would love to hear from you if these are themes that resonate with you.


We will work at a neurodynamic level, creating and installing positive change in the mind, body, heart, and spirit. I offer a mixture of EMDR, somatic awareness, mindfulness training, poly-vagal regulation, acceptance commitment therapy, reality testing, non-violent communication, and cognitive behavioral therapy.


I see the world in an array of colors, shapes, and everything in between. I strive to model inclusivity by building a therapy space that has room for all of you. Folx who have worked with me state that I am a safe space for them to understand their hurts, and parts of themselves that need healing. I am currently serving residents in CA and OR.

Dr. Thaen Saelee, PsyD


My name is Jason Wilcox, LCSW

As a person-focused therapist, I am dedicated to understanding your experiences, identifying challenges, and collaboratively exploring the best path forward for you. I recognize the internal strengths and capabilities inherent in each individual, and together, we will harness these in our therapeutic journey.

With over 15 years of experience, I have successfully assisted adults dealing with a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, identity concerns, life transitions, weight management, healthy living, marital and relationship difficulties, parenting challenges, stress, leadership, and work-related stress and anxiety.

I understand that struggles like depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and trauma can be overwhelming and intensely painful. Many clients I have worked with have discovered a sense of hope, inner peace, and freedom through psychological therapy. One client even described these newfound feelings as a "loving embrace."

I offer therapy for individuals, couples, and families, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a foundation while incorporating other therapeutic styles to meet your unique needs. Additionally, I assist leaders in creating engaging and effective teams. Some of my approaches are drawn from the programs and books I have co-written, including "MI-Lead" and "The Listening Space."

Let's work together to uncover the best version of yourself and navigate the challenges you face.

Jason Wilcox, LCSW, from Avid Counseling Services


My name is Charity McSperitt, LCSW

I believe strongly that people can and do change. People have the capacity to develop new skills and behaviors to improve their circumstances even in the face of overwhelming events. In my practice, I use a person-centered approach guided by the client. I strive to help people develop healthier thoughts and behaviors to move toward their goal(s). I work to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for people to explore issues related to anxiety, depression, relationships, life transitions, trauma, and more. I am eclectic in my work and strive to adjust my practice to meet the needs of the person I am working with. Some of the modalities I utilize are psychoeducation, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. In my work, I have helped and supported people who are struggling with substance abuse, trauma survivors, and people experiencing chronic pain and anxiety. I have had the pleasure of working with people who are veterans, Native Americans, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Charity HS copy.jpg


My Name is Mariah L. Beltran, PhD (She/Her)
Psychology Resident 

Mariah is a Chicana, queer woman living in the PDX area. She is a Psychologist resident with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University. Mariah has experience working with individuals seeking support for trauma-related concerns, disordered eating behaviors, body-image concerns, identity development, and the spectrum of relationship concerns. 

Mariah has worked with all ages, though she specializes in young adulthood/adulthood. Additionally, Mariah has worked with a variety of populations including, queer folx, trans/gender-expansive folx, and BIPOC folx. She specializes in the experiences of women of color, in particular – Latina/e women. 

As a Chicana feminist psychologist, she utilizes a client-centered approach which often includes interventions from Psychodynamic therapy, Interpersonal therapy, and Emotion-Focused therapy. Mariah believes that no human lives in a vacuum and it is critical to pay attention to how various systems of oppression (e.g., racism, heterosexism) impact an individual's experiences to co-create a safer space for clients to work towards their ideal health and find their empowerment. Mariah aims to infuse every session with empathy, curiosity, compassion, collaboration, and a little bit of humor (in some sessions it is a lot of humor).

Outside of the therapy room, Mariah focuses on her practices as a witch, plays video games, crochets, reads all the fantasy & mystery books she can, and enjoys time with her pets Luna, Artemis, Apollo, and Zeus.



My name is Jey Jang, MA, NCC, MT-BC (She/Her)

Professional Counselor Associate and Board Certified Music Therapist 

My name is Jey Jang, MA, NCC, MT-BC (She/Her)

Professional Counselor Associate and Board Certified Music Therapist 


I am an integrative mental health counselor trained in a variety of evidence-based psychotherapy treatments for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I take a holistic and mind-body approach, with my expertise in clinical music therapy, to support the healing process of a whole person. I assist my clients in processing difficult emotions, memories, and sensations in their body, and to help them gain insight and perspectives to understand the meaningfulness of their life experiences. Folx who have worked with me generally notice positive changes in their life, including improved mood stability, new healthy habits, a calmer state of mind, and a deeper sense of connection with self and others. 


I am a first-generation immigrant from South Korea, with personal experience with navigating different cultural values, systemic trauma, and the impact of colonial oppression. I am a culturally responsive clinician who aims to support individuals with intersecting identities and the needs of our marginalized communities. I am a neurodivergent and LGBTQI+ affirming therapist. 

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