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My name is Dr. Thaen Saelee, PsyD

Dually licensed in the state of Oregon and California. 

I'm an eclectic therapist trained in many evidence-based, holistic, and indigenous healing practices from my professional and lived experiences. With a wide ranging tool box, I’ve been successful in treating individuals with symptoms of trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, life stressors, identity concerns, family issues and addictive behaviors. I have been a counselor for over 14 years and a third-culture psychologist. I see race-based and systemic trauma and work with individuals who identify with these communities. I am neurodivergent and LGBTQI affirming therapist.

My speciality is trauma work. I'm a EMDR Certified Therapist. I used a mixture of somatic awareness, mindfulness stress reduction training, motivational interviewing, acceptance commitment therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to support my individual's in our work together.

Folx who have worked with me state that I am a safe space for them to understand their hurts, and parts of themselves that need healing.

Dr. Thaen Saelee, PsyD


My name is Jason Wilcox, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, not only does he do therapy for individuals, couples, and families, but he is also a co-author and developer of Motivational Interviewing for Leadership: MI-Lead and Motivational Parent. He is a trainer in Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Enhancement Therapy. He has been doing executive coaching for 11 years and offers coaching sessions. He is a dedicated husband and a father of four amazing kids.

Jason Wilcox, LCSW, from Avid Counseling Services
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My name is Charity McSperitt, LCSW

I believe strongly that people can and do change. People have the capacity to develop new skills and behaviors to improve their circumstances even in the face of overwhelming events. In my practice, I use a person-centered approach guided by the client. I strive to help people develop healthier thoughts and behaviors to move toward their goal(s). I work to create a safe and non-judgmental environment for people to explore issues related to anxiety, depression, relationships, life transitions, trauma, and more. I am eclectic in my work and strive to adjust my practice to meet the needs of the person I am working with. Some of the modalities I utilize are psychoeducation, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. In my work, I have helped and supported people who are struggling with substance abuse, trauma survivors, and people experiencing chronic pain and anxiety. I have had the pleasure of working with people who are veterans, Native Americans, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

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My name is Ryan Heck, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have been a social worker since 2012, with experience in working with substance dependence, trauma, depression, and anxiety with individuals and groups. I work with people using a non-judgmental, person-centered approach to support their goals in recovery and use cognitive behavioral theory and Motivational Interviewing as well. In my free time, I do outdoor and adventure photography. I am married and have three children. 

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